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Right now I am busy in GA – a little too far away to research October Las Vegas promotions.  Great-grandma and great-Poppy duty trumps almost everything - even royal flushes!


Once again I want to encourage readers of this blog to go back every few days or so and read the “Comments.” There is often very useful information there, adding to subjects I have discussed earlier.

A case in point is the subject of online social gaming I wrote about in a blog last week. I had mentioned that I didn’t participate in any of this and I didn’t know much about it.  Well, many of the readers here are active in this area and did share their experiences, especially with myVEGAS.   Mark, of www.markslasvegas.com, was one of the people who did give a lot of information in the “Comments.”  However, he gave even more details to me privately, so I am going to copy his e-mail here since many have expressed an interest to learn more about this: Read more… »

In this blog I will point you to a recent interview I gave for the Pogg Web site:   http://thepogg.com/thepogg-interview-jean-scott-the-queen-of-comps/.   I was asked some interesting questions – and perhaps the answers will surprise you Read more… »

Online Social Gaming

I must admit that I know almost nothing about “online social gaming.” I do not play Candy Crush.  I like Facebook because I can keep up with my family, not because it offers entertainment options.  My eyes are already crossing from staring at the computer screen in my office at home for hours on end –  answering e-mail, writing a blog and gaming articles, and, especially recently, tackling updates to all four of my books.  If I want to “play games,” I can go to a casino a few blocks away and play video poker.

However, I do understand that other people have different goals and interests and lifestyles, with various geographical, health, family, and financial considerations – and social gaming can be an important part of their life. Read more… »

Unusual Promotions

I just received press releases about a couple Las Vegas promotions that are a little different from the usual ones casinos often run.

The first one is from the Downtown Grand (located on the former site of Lady Luck).  This one sounds like a fun way to watch football! Read more… »

We love going to this casino – and we will probably always refer to it as Rincon.  That is the name we called it for years – and it is so much shorter to say and type!

The corner suites we get in the new tower are spacious and luxurious, with a large patio which is the perfect place to enjoy a room service breakfast while taking in the mountain view on two sides.  And a Jacuzzi is always a welcome feature when we need to relax in the evening and loosen up tired shoulder muscles after some hours of play on a video poker machine.

We love the spa.  Brad usually only gets a facial, but I go all in – a full body scrub followed by a clay cover treatment, a facial, and then a massage for every muscle that is even thinking about hurting.  I come out of there a regular Raggedy Ann, my skin so soft and limbs so relaxed I can barely make it up to our room!

And before I forget it – I was asked after our last trip what was in the small pretty shopping bags 7* players are given when they check in.  They are a nice amenity package:  2 bottles of water, 2 bottles of soda (your choice of regular or Diet), and many small packets of snacks (various kinds of nuts and candies and other munchies).

This last trip was a special VIP event organized by our regional host – formerly from the Chicago area, meeting her back when we used to go to the Hammond Horseshoe, but now working out of San Francisco.  On Sunday she had arranged for her group (mostly from Chicago but a few “strays” like us) to attend the Pacific Classic at Del Mar Racetrack. Read more… »

****Check Scot’s Bonus Point list – Lots of multipliers all over town on Labor Day, Monday, September 1.  http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/greatdeals-slotpromotions.cfm   However, be warned – the multipliers for ALL the Boyd Properties (Sam’s Town, The Orleans, Suncoast, Gold Coast, California, Fremont, and Main Street Station) are for LOCALS ONLY (In 89000-89199 zip codes).

Look for football season promotions in almost every casino, especially for bargain food on game days/nights.



Recently they revamped their slot club.

Becoming a Great-Grandmother

Asher Ray Howard arrived on August 22, 2014 at 1:04 am! He weighed 7lbs. 8oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long!

Zach and Asher

Where has the time gone?  My “little” grandson Zachary becoming a daddy.

Ang, Kaitlynn, and Asher

Proud Aunt Kaitlynn and the new grandma, the Frugal Princess Angela.  I can get used to becoming a great-grandma but it’s hard to realize that my “little girl” is a grandmother.

Going home from hospital

Zachary and Taylor ready to bring a very healthy Asher home.


I will have to confess that staying in luxurious casino hotels isn’t the thrill it was for us when we were younger.  I remember 25-30 years ago, back when we were in our Riviera-Westward Ho-Stardust-4 Queens-Frontier days, that when we occasionally got a free room offer from a more upscale Strip property like Caesars Palace, we were really excited. It was a real treat that we enjoyed to the fullest.  We checked in as early in the day as we could and got the latest check-out they would give us.

Getting older changes you, and the been-there-done-that makes you become a little jaded.  Read more… »

Back to Harrah’s Southern California

A couple of months ago I wrote here about the road trip we took to Harrah’s Southern California (formerly called Rincon) with the Frugal Princess and her hubby.  And I invited people to stop by and say hello  when they saw us playing in the casino.  Well , some have written to say they felt bad they missed us that time, but you will have another chance this coming weekend.

We are flying in on this Saturday afternoon (the 23rd) Read more… »