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Becoming a Great-Grandmother

Asher Ray Howard arrived on August 22, 2014 at 1:04 am! He weighed 7lbs. 8oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long!

Zach and Asher

Where has the time gone?  My “little” grandson Zachary becoming a daddy.

Ang, Kaitlynn, and Asher

Proud Aunt Kaitlynn and the new grandma, the Frugal Princess Angela.  I can get used to becoming a great-grandma but it’s hard to realize that my “little girl” is a grandmother.

Going home from hospital

Zachary and Taylor ready to bring a very healthy Asher home.


I will have to confess that staying in luxurious casino hotels isn’t the thrill it was for us when we were younger.  I remember 25-30 years ago, back when we were in our Riviera-Westward Ho-Stardust-4 Queens-Frontier days, that when we occasionally got a free room offer from a more upscale Strip property like Caesars Palace, we were really excited. It was a real treat that we enjoyed to the fullest.  We checked in as early in the day as we could and got the latest check-out they would give us.

Getting older changes you, and the been-there-done-that makes you become a little jaded.  Read more… »

A couple of months ago I wrote here about the road trip we took to Harrah’s Southern California (formerly called Rincon) with the Frugal Princess and her hubby.  And I invited people to stop by and say hello  when they saw us playing in the casino.  Well , some have written to say they felt bad they missed us that time, but you will have another chance this coming weekend.

We are flying in on this Saturday afternoon (the 23rd) Read more… »

Breaking News

NY Post article

It’s news like this that doesn’t make Caesar Entertainment customers feel secure.  However, as a 30-year veteran of the “casino war,” I don’t spend much time worrying about what might happen in the future.  Change is the only casino thing on which one can depend!


And just as we have built up again our reserve of tokens, Read more… »

Reads I Found Interesting

Links to Media Coverage of Casino Abuse of Patrons – a very interesting list of incidents where casino visitors decide to tackle the casinos in court – and often win!http://www.bj21.com/advantageplay/lawandtaxes/patronabuselinks.shtml

In this Las Vegas Review Journal article, the Nevada Gaming Control Board names six people they are looking for who decided to “win” by using illegal methods in a casino Read more… »

Recently I have been reading so many complaints about casinos and the state of gambling today  that I decided to address some of the issues players are raising.  But in preparation to write this blog entry I looked back at some of my old ones and I came across one from 2012 that discussed the very same subject I was now thinking about.   I don’t usually repeat a blog entry – in fact, I don’t remember ever doing so.   But I am going to do it today – because some new readers may not have read it and some of the regular readers may have forgotten my advice!  I couldn’t write it any better today.

Putting the Fun Back into Gambling

by Jean Scott, from October, 2012

The howls of pain are getting louder and louder – here in the “Comments,” on Internet forums, and in the e-mails that fill my Inbox.  Gamblers are saying they are losing more during their casino visits and enjoying their time less.

I know that it is more fun to win than to lose.  But the very nature of the gambling beast means that one will have to endure more losing sessions than winning ones. Read more… »


The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has launched RideTheStrip.com, a website geared specifically to tourists visiting or planning to travel to Las Vegas. The easy-to-use site provides a one-stop online resource for accessing information on the RTC’s transit routes along the popular Las Vegas Strip and transit services to and from McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Convention Center.



White Castle is coming here – hurrah!   See details at vegaseater.com


Play for Prizes” is back to two periods this month, both running as usual Monday through Friday. Read more… »

At least to me.   It’s my blog and I can get personal if I want to!!!  :)

White Castle is coming to the Las Vegas Strip!   See details herehttp://vegas.eater.com/archives/2014/07/29/confirmed-white-castle-is-coming-to-the-las-vegas-strip.php

And while I am talking about personal likes Read more… »



Station Casinos has announced a deal with Princess Cruises.   All Chairman-level Boarding Pass card holders — the highest status level of the program — are eligible to receive complimentary cabins on select Princess Cruises. Other Boarding Pass card holders can receive exclusive cruise fares and on board special offers from Princess through the customer loyalty program.

As with all casino cruise deals, you must check carefully as to what is covered and what is not. “Free cruises” almost never are completely without any extra charges.

The following e-mail we got from Hooters Casino Read more… »

Tier Talk

In the last couple of blogs I have talked about the tier-match promotion the Palms ran in June, including the chart in which they listed the tier structure of most of the local and Strip casinos.  Many of you found this chart interesting, as did I even though I could not take advantage of the promotion because I was already a Hall of Famer.

I knew about the tier structure at some of the casinos because I am either an active member of the slot club or have been in the past.  But even at those, I learned some new details. Read more… »