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Many casinos offer free or discounted meals for active and retired service members on Veterans Day, November 11. Check casino Web sites and newspaper ads closer to the date. And for non-casino discounts for active and retired service members on food and many other purchases, both for Veterans Day and all year long, check out this valuable Web site – http://militarybenefits.info/.


Local Offers

Admission to Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is just $15 for locals through December 31, 2014.

Many locals take the opportunity to see a lot of shows free by joining Read more… »

Ellis Island

Ellis Island is changing out their card readers (and not a year too soon) so your old cards no longer will work. If lines are long at the slot club, sometimes there is another desk open (a little ways past the pizza place) that can issue new cards.  Perhaps in related news, the bank of VP machines near the slot club, the ones that still had NSUD, are shut down. Read more… »

Continuing the report on our Harrah’s Cherokee visit in early October. (You can read Part 1 at http://jscott.lvablog.com/?p=3670 .)

Since we were staying at Harrah’s Cherokee on a weekend, Angela and Steve enjoyed having a wide choice of venues to watch the games – bars, lounges, and in the Diamond/Seven Star lounge – where they could also chow down on party food.   They entered one football contest and much to their surprise won the “grand” prize – a canopy tent.  Good thing they were going home in their truck.  The casino also offered some unexpected fun non-gambling entertainment:  a Sunday morning jazz session in Starbucks and a cornhole game set up right on the gambling floor.  (Bet you didn’t know that I’m pretty good at that game IF I have some practice time before Steve challenges me!)

Some additional information for Seven Star players:

It was a wonderful out-of-town trip for Brad and me! First, a flight to Atlanta to visit family and see Asher, our new great-grandbaby in Columbus, GA, and then a drive north to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  We had hoped we could see some beautiful fall foliage, but this first weekend in October was just a week or two early for prime viewing of the color changes.  However, we drank in the beauty of the green forested mountains we miss in the desert of Las Vegas.

We had the luxury of private drivers, daughter Angela and her hubby Steve, who were able to get off work and enjoy with us our 7-Star visit to Harrah’s Cherokee.  Read more… »


Just got home from a 10-day trip to GA to visit family, including the new great-grandson, and a Seven Star trip to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in North Carolina. So this will be a late and shortened monthly report. Hopefully you remembered – or checked back in former blogs – that you can get a lot of promotional information at casino Web sites I have given in the past.   And, of course, you check Scot’s bonus point list (http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/greatdeals-slotpromotions.cfm ) without my reminding you! :)

Lots of Halloween promotions around the end of the month, including parties and costume contests. Just remember you can’t wear a mask in the casino proper. Read more… »




Right now I am busy in GA – a little too far away to research October Las Vegas promotions.  Great-grandma and great-Poppy duty trumps almost everything - even royal flushes!


Once again I want to encourage readers of this blog to go back every few days or so and read the “Comments.” There is often very useful information there, adding to subjects I have discussed earlier.

A case in point is the subject of online social gaming I wrote about in a blog last week. I had mentioned that I didn’t participate in any of this and I didn’t know much about it.  Well, many of the readers here are active in this area and did share their experiences, especially with myVEGAS.   Mark, of www.markslasvegas.com, was one of the people who did give a lot of information in the “Comments.”  However, he gave even more details to me privately, so I am going to copy his e-mail here since many have expressed an interest to learn more about this: Read more… »

In this blog I will point you to a recent interview I gave for the Pogg Web site:   http://thepogg.com/thepogg-interview-jean-scott-the-queen-of-comps/.   I was asked some interesting questions – and perhaps the answers will surprise you Read more… »

Online Social Gaming

I must admit that I know almost nothing about “online social gaming.” I do not play Candy Crush.  I like Facebook because I can keep up with my family, not because it offers entertainment options.  My eyes are already crossing from staring at the computer screen in my office at home for hours on end –  answering e-mail, writing a blog and gaming articles, and, especially recently, tackling updates to all four of my books.  If I want to “play games,” I can go to a casino a few blocks away and play video poker.

However, I do understand that other people have different goals and interests and lifestyles, with various geographical, health, family, and financial considerations – and social gaming can be an important part of their life. Read more… »

Unusual Promotions

I just received press releases about a couple Las Vegas promotions that are a little different from the usual ones casinos often run.

The first one is from the Downtown Grand (located on the former site of Lady Luck).  This one sounds like a fun way to watch football! Read more… »