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Miscellaneous information I have picked up recently, either in a personal visit to a CZR property or from the Internet:

Want to know just where you can earn or redeem Total Reward points? Check here: https://www.totalrewards.com/content/cet-tr/en/earn-and-redeem/on-location.html.

Want to know the differences between tier credits and reward credits. Read more… »


Yes, tax returns are on the minds of many now, especially gamblers. Maybe 2014 was the first year you got a W-2G. Or, maybe it was the first year you happily got a lot of them. Maybe you always had been a recreational gambler but you retired from your regular job and started gambling a lot more. Or, you moved to another state, one that isn’t tax-friendly for gamblers? So many questions arise. Where do you report those W-2G amounts? What if you lost a lot more than those jackpot amounts? What if it looks like you will have to pay gambling taxes even if you lost? When might you consider filing as a professional gambler?

For many years now the book Tax Help for Gamblers has been the go-to resource for the answers to the hundreds of tax questions that gamblers have been asking. And since the government is an ever-changing river of laws and policies, it has been necessary to update this book frequently. Marissa and I have been hard at work on this project, and a brand new fully-updated third edition will be coming out at the end of this month. Read more… »

Here is an article I wrote for a newsletter than goes mainly to casino executives.  Perhaps it might be of interest to some of the players who read this blog.


Free Play – Do Casino Players Like it?

In the good ol’ days, casinos rewarded players mostly with comps, but sometimes with hard cash. We loved cash rewards, which we could put in our pocket and walk out of the casino with. No matter how much we had lost while gambling, the cash made us feel, at least a little bit, like a “winner.”

Then, about the turn of the Millennium, casino cash benefits began to be replaced by “free play.”  No longer could we just walk away: We had to run the free play through a machine at least once.  Read more… »

Where To Play – Q+A

A couple of related questions that I get so often:

Q: [Speaking about Caesars] Why would you want to go to a property that is going to declare bankruptcy? There are many others (Bellagio ,Wynn, Venetian, Southpoint) to name a few. I would avoid Caesars.

A: The short answer is that we can still find very good plays there. Where skilled players play depends on a lot of factors: whether they are locals or out-of-towners; whether they need room comps or not; how much bounce-back free play is given; whether they have been banned from a casino; what their financial and/or psychological bankroll limits are; what their goals are; whether they count comps in their win figures; their location -  and on and on.

That being said we try to be very aware of benefits we have earned at any casino and not let them pile up. Read more… »


Recovering from celebrating the new year? Or, perky today because you celebrated, like we did, by sleeping in the arrival of 2015?

In any case, whenever you start thinking about Las Vegas casino promotions, here is a selection of food and gaming offers you might want to consider.



See promotion details at http://www.southpointcasino.com/upcoming-events.php, including bingo specials. Read more… »

Holiday Greetings

Whole family

The Growing Frugal Family

I haven’t been blogging for the last week or so – for many reasons.  First, Brad and I haven’t been in Las Vegas or even near a casino.  And gambling has been the last thing on my mind – although I did have a dream about it last night.  I dreamed that I found a video poker machine, with a deuces game on it, and when you had one deuce in the #1 position, you could do something that would make 3 more deuces come up.  The problem is that I don’t remember what I had to do to make that happen.  I don’t suppose I ever will remember either!!!

Anyway, we have been in Columbus, GA, and our time has been filled with Christmas activities with our family, including the newest addition pictured below.

Merla and Asher in Red

Great-grandson Asher, 4 months old.

We are back home now – and I plan to get back to blogging just as soon as I get back into a routine.  In the meantime, I wish you all a blessed holiday season that will go right into a wonderful new year.

If you play at a Caesars Entertainment property, hopefully you already know about the Seven Star Insider.  (http://www.sevenstarsinsider.com/site/sevenstarsinsider/)  I have often talked about this very helpful website, one full of information that can make your CZR play more enjoyable and financially successful, even if you aren’t at the Seven Star tier level.  Perhaps you have already subscribed to the monthly newsletter, but you may not know about another middle-of-the-month feature you can access by clicking on “Latest News” at the top of the home page.  Here are just a few tidbits about Caesars Palace, among many others from various casinos, Read more… »

Christmas 2014

This was  the photo taken at the recent Great Gift Wrap-Up at Caesars Palace.  A photo freebie is one of the perks they do every year during this event and we like this.  We  can look back at all these photos and see how we are aging!  This year we have titled the picture “The Year of the Canes.”

For a long time we never counted holiday shopping benefits when we figured in advance the EV of a play we were considering.  Read more… »

More December Promos + Good VP Resource


Gift Card Giveaway on Tuesdays.  Earn 1000 points for a $10 gift card for Wal-Mart, Rebel Gas, or Albertsons.  Max of five.

“Thank You Seniors Thursdays” – 2 for 1 entrees at Marilyn’s Café and The Cantina. Dine in only and each person must be a senior to get this coupon, which you must pick up at the players club in advance that day.  Also, earn 500 points for a pull tab with a chance to win $10 up to $100 in free slot play. Read more… »


This will be an abbreviated report.  I hate when a new month starts just after a weekend, especially a holiday weekend.  Mailers are late – casino websites are not updated yet.  So it’s hard to get current information to you in a timely manner.  Below is what I have been able to find out, but I would suggest that in the next day or so you check the websites of casinos where you play or might want to play.  Maybe the casino personnel in charge of getting information to customers will finally decide when they want to increase their business in December!    (Scot Krause is having the same problem in trying to update his Players Club Bonus Point list.  So keep checking back there – http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/greatdeals-slotpromotions.cfm.)


Can’t find the players club here? It has moved to the other side of the casino and is now part of the Promotions Center. Read more… »

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