Hot News:  (It’s my blog and I decide what’s “hot” and important!  :) )  The White Castle in the Casino Royale gives a 10% discount to locals.  Just show your NV ID.  Actually we don’t eat there very often because the buns just aren’t the same – or as good – as the ones in Indianapolis. They do have a new item – at least new to me although perhaps they have introduced it nationwide – chicken rings.  We didn’t order that when we were there recently but it seems to be something like chicken nuggets.  We always stick to the onion chips as our side.

And something else doesn’t seem “right” – they call their burgers “sliders.”  I guess I have an old-age disease that resists change.  A real White Castle fan doesn’t need a modern term to explain the small-size burger – a White Castle is a “White Castle,” not a “hamburger” – and certainly not a “slider.”  (I have been a White Castle expert since I went to college in Cincinnati, back a hundred lives ago.)

Okay, back to what YOU might think is important – casino news. Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Gambling – Oh MY!  

I may not mention being from Indiana for the next 5 years.  I’m out of words!  And I can’t find a category in which to put this  – is there one labeled “Crazy”?

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Seeking Long-Term VP Success

What I usually write when you ask me to autograph one of my books:  “The more you study the ‘luckier’ you will be.”  And there are many versions of this concept.  But people often ask me for specific ways they can implement this general advice, so here are some that Brad and I have used down through the last 30 years, first when we played blackjack and then when we switched to VP about 25 years ago.

Remember our goal has always been “not to lose.”  We always said we would be happy to just “break even” on the money part and be able to enjoy the comps, which we considered the “gravy.”   That is still our plan even though, because of some of the “secrets” I will talk about here, we have always been able to achieve a long-term profit plus enjoy the comps. Continue reading

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Luck vs. Skill

Bob Dancer just wrote a good article called “Would You Rather Be Lucky or Good?”  (Read at  Coincidentally, Brad and I have just been pondering over – and having long discussions about – this same luck-vs-skill aspect of VP because of being in the middle of a losing streak from hell.  In our 25+ years of playing video poker we have never before been in such a big hole.

You might say, “Oh, that’s not surprising – you are probably playing with a smaller edge than ever before!”

Well, that is one factor, but really a fairly small one.  We still mostly stick to at least .5%- edge plays and our biggest plays give us a full 1% advantage.  The biggest reason is that pesky factor in VP play – the domination of the royal flush jackpot. Continue reading

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“Double the Royal Double the Fun” – More Information on this promotion, not only going on at the Gold Coast but also at The Orleans. To be eligible for this promotion simply hit a minimum of two taxable Royal Flushes w/max coin-in on select video poker machines during a promotional period and receive double the payout up to $5000. Wild Cards do not qualify.  Taxable is defined Continue reading

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Look for hot promotions for the hot hot 4th of July weekend coming up!

HouseSeats – From Wednesday, July 1st through Sunday, July 5th, 2015, all annual memberships, whether New or Renewed, will be offered at TWO years for the price of ONE. (  Frugal deal for show-loving Vegas locals!


Be aware of the details and property differences in this 4th of July bonus multiplier promotion.

Participating Casinos:

  • Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, Las Vegas
  • The Orleans Hotel & Casino
  • Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
  • Suncoast Hotel & Casino
  • California Hotel Casino
  • Fremont Hotel & Casino
  • Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel

Saturday, July 4, 2015

  • 15x Points on Penny Slots
  • 11x Points on Reels
  • 7x Points on Video Poker

Before you play… don’t forget to visit any kiosk to activate your point multiplier!  Max of 10,000 Base Points per day on Video Poker at The Orleans, Gold Coast and Sam’s Town Las Vegas. Max of 25,000 Base Points per day on Video Poker and Reels at Suncoast. Max of 100,000 Bonus Points at Main Street Station, California and Fremont. Local B Connected members with mailing address in the zip code range of 890-891 may qualify for the point multipliers at The Orleans, Gold Coast, California, Fremont and Main Street Station. Management reserves all rights. Must be 21 or older. See B Connected Club for complete details. 

The “ATE, ATE, ATE” promotion (a dinner buffet for $8.88) continues at the Suncoast (Sunday-Thursday) and at The Orleans and Gold Coast (Monday-Thursday).  Continue reading

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Back from Indy Reunion

I’ve been absent here for awhile but have been out of town for a little non-casino  vacation.  Just got back from a few days in Indianapolis, IN, where we visited with many of Brad’s relatives.    We spent time with his daughter and son and their spouses plus all six grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

At the reunion on Father’s Day, about 35 of us gathered for food and fellowship – close friends and relatives and extended family, some Brad hadn’t seen for decades.  Here is a picture of Brad with 5 of his six grandchildren that were able to make the reunion.

Tom and grandkids

Now back in town, working on the July Vegas promo report.  A vacation in IN was not really an escape from the  heat wave here in Vegas.  No, the temperature wasn’t as high, but I always forget how stifling the humidity can be!

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Over-the-top Comps

Here’s a question I am asked over and over:  “What are some of the fantastic comps casinos have given you?”

Wow, after 31 years of working the casino comp system, that answer would probably take a whole book to answer – in fact, maybe I might write a book about this sometime – or at least a big section in the autobiographical tome I’ve been thinking about writing when I get too old and feeble to play video poker.  Although I am definitely heading to that condition, I am hoping it is pretty far down the road – so here are just a few examples that come to mind today.

As I have written and spoken about many times, when we first started visiting casinos, we were blackjack players and active in casino junkets which were popular at the time.  And those junkets provided some luxurious comps.  Here is one of my favorite photos of Brad, enjoying the luxury in our French-Provincial-styled hotel room in Monte Carlo – the real city, not the faux one on the Vegas Strip.

Tom-Monte Carlo

After a few years, because we were looking for more long-term Vegas stays in our retirement years rather than short-term casino visits, we left blackjack and the starting-to-fade fancy junket trips and turned to low-level video poker. Continue reading

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Yes, some casino restaurants (including Caesars Palace buffet) are still adding an automatic tip (often 18%) for large parties, usually 8 or more diners, even though the IRS ruled several years ago that this was not permitted. Continue reading

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More June Promotions

I have found some new information since I wrote my earlier blog about June promotions.


Earlier I said the newly-opened SLS (Former Sahara property) had already made revisions to their players card, effective June 1, but I didn’t have the details.  Finally they  have appeared on their Website: Continue reading

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