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Below is the promotion information I have found so far. As usual, many casinos don’t put out publicity much in advance, so in a few days I will write a Part 2 to cover what I find out later. Continue reading

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Updating Subscriber List

Due to  issues with so many invalid email addresses, I was finding it impossible to do a proper “housecleaning” of my subscriber list.  Therefore I need to start a brand-new one.

Sorry for this small technical matter, but if you want to be sent an email notification when I post a new blog entry, would you please go to the right side of my blog homepage and “Subscribe.”  Then  you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.  Click within that email and you are all set.  I usually only post about once  a week, so it won’t clutter up your Inbox.

One other note here.  Many of you read my posts frequently but say you don’t make an effort to go back in-between my postings to read the comments. I would encourage you to take the time to do this.  These comments often have additional helpful information, particularly giving more details on valuable promotions.  Perhaps a good habit would be to scan the recent past comments (again on the right side of the homepage) when you read a current post.

Coming up soon will be my blog on September promotions.  As usual, I hope this monthly blog will give you some ways to boost your gambling results!

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Mid-August Promo Reminders

Still time to take advantage of a promo GOLD COAST has been running all month called Throwback Thursdays: Get 40X points on your first 400 base points from 4:00am to 4:00pm every Thursday and this includes all slot and video poker play.

THE ORLEANS has just added a similar promo Continue reading

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While doing the research on my current project to update my book More Frugal Gambling, especially the coupon chapter, I became re-acquainted with a fellow retired English teacher I had met many years ago.  Dewey has tons of frugal ideas … Continue reading

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Exclamation Points!!!

Warning:  This is a proud Grandma post and not about gambling or Las Vegas.  But a few of you have asked for some family news – and since I have been super busy updating Frugal 2, I decided to let granddaughter Kaitlynn fill … Continue reading

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Hot News:  (It’s my blog and I decide what’s “hot” and important!  :) )  The White Castle in the Casino Royale gives a 10% discount to locals.  Just show your NV ID.  Actually we don’t eat there very often because the buns just aren’t the same – or as good – as the ones in Indianapolis. They do have a new item – at least new to me although perhaps they have introduced it nationwide – chicken rings.  We didn’t order that when we were there recently but it seems to be something like chicken nuggets.  We always stick to the onion chips as our side.

And something else doesn’t seem “right” – they call their burgers “sliders.”  I guess I have an old-age disease that resists change.  A real White Castle fan doesn’t need a modern term to explain the small-size burger – a White Castle is a “White Castle,” not a “hamburger” – and certainly not a “slider.”  (I have been a White Castle expert since I went to college in Cincinnati, back a hundred lives ago.)

Okay, back to what YOU might think is important – casino news. Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Gambling – Oh MY!  

I may not mention being from Indiana for the next 5 years.  I’m out of words!  And I can’t find a category in which to put this  – is there one labeled “Crazy”?

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Seeking Long-Term VP Success

What I usually write when you ask me to autograph one of my books:  “The more you study the ‘luckier’ you will be.”  And there are many versions of this concept.  But people often ask me for specific ways they can implement this general advice, so here are some that Brad and I have used down through the last 30 years, first when we played blackjack and then when we switched to VP about 25 years ago.

Remember our goal has always been “not to lose.”  We always said we would be happy to just “break even” on the money part and be able to enjoy the comps, which we considered the “gravy.”   That is still our plan even though, because of some of the “secrets” I will talk about here, we have always been able to achieve a long-term profit plus enjoy the comps. Continue reading

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Luck vs. Skill

Bob Dancer just wrote a good article called “Would You Rather Be Lucky or Good?”  (Read at  Coincidentally, Brad and I have just been pondering over – and having long discussions about – this same luck-vs-skill aspect of VP because of being in the middle of a losing streak from hell.  In our 25+ years of playing video poker we have never before been in such a big hole.

You might say, “Oh, that’s not surprising – you are probably playing with a smaller edge than ever before!”

Well, that is one factor, but really a fairly small one.  We still mostly stick to at least .5%- edge plays and our biggest plays give us a full 1% advantage.  The biggest reason is that pesky factor in VP play – the domination of the royal flush jackpot. Continue reading

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“Double the Royal Double the Fun” – More Information on this promotion, not only going on at the Gold Coast but also at The Orleans. To be eligible for this promotion simply hit a minimum of two taxable Royal Flushes w/max coin-in on select video poker machines during a promotional period and receive double the payout up to $5000. Wild Cards do not qualify.  Taxable is defined Continue reading

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