Local casinos have really geared up promotions for October.  Check those casino Website links I have given you in the past months to get all the details.  And also check Scot’s list for all the multiplier days.


Here is a bit of players club information you might not have known – or, like me, had forgotten. Continue reading

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Some days just aren’t ordinary or routine – and on those days it is sometimes hard to be “perfect.” I had one of those days recently.

First, Brad’s and my schedule included going to five casinos, doing some major play at 3 of them and minor play and/or pickups at the other two. At ages 76 (me) and 83 (Brad) and a decrease in our energy level (both) I am trying to organize a more relaxed calendar of activities, especially for playing video poker. Usually this is working pretty well these days because there aren’t as many good plays as in the “good old days.” We do major plays together 2 or 3 times a week; Brad does free play pickup and minor plays several days while I am ensconced in my office working on updated versions of Frugal 1 and Frugal 2. But my main goal is not to schedule too much for one day.

However, that day casinos outdid themselves with good promotions and we found ourselves wanting to take advantage of 3 of the best. So we did although, as a rule, we don’t usually play that much in one day. Fortunately, there were no promotions the next 3 days – so we are able to rest up now. Continue reading

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Back Home from Vacation

We recently arrived back home in Vegas after 12 days of our favorite kind of vacation, combining casino play, touristy sightseeing, and family time.

First, we flew to Memphis to take advantage of a good offer from the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.  Our flight time was not one of the best we have ever had, with the weather causing a long layover in Dallas plus almost an hour flying in large circles around Memphis waiting until a severe thunderstorm ended.  But we finally were able to land about 1 a.m. and we were certainly happy that the casino travel department was on the ball, tracking our flight, and our limo driver was patiently waiting for us despite the late hour.  Then we had the spooky 45-minute pitch-black drive to the casino through the most God-forsaken piece of the US we have ever been in.

We were happy to finally see signs of civilization when we reached the bright lights of the casino.  My daughter Angela and her hubby Steve had already arrived from their 7-hour drive from Columbus, GA, and were fast asleep in their suite, so we quietly checked into our adjoining one and wasted no time hitting the sack.  (Good time to have an efficient and helpful host who arranged to put their names on the rooms so they didn’t have to wait around for us to check in.)

Of course Brad and I spent some time in the casino playing video poker. Continue reading

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I was getting conflicting information about the Ellis Island September 20% bonus coin-redemption promotion so Brad and I decided to empty the giant bowl of coins that decorated our office. It took a while to scoop out the 15-year collection from Brad’s pockets and from the bottom of my purse! In fact, we only emptied half of the bowl for our first trip to check out this promotion. That filled two extremely heavy bags which we barely had the strength to drag to the car.

When we got to the casino we doubled checked the rules – yep, I am always dubious about any “good” casino promotion and I need confirmation: Yes, we could do this promo any day in September but only two times per person. Yes, we could get a 20% free play bonus but only on an amount up to $400.

So we started the process, which ended up pretty easy. Continue reading

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Two Newly-Released Resources

  1. For Coupon Lovers – American Casino Guide App now available for Android as well as Apple

Download Casino Coupons to Your ANDROID Phone or Tablet, with the New Updated 2.0 Version of the FREE American Casino Guide App  All Coupons are FREE through October 31, 2015. – New coupons are being added all the time. Be sure to check back frequently. – Uses GPS to show you which casinos near you have Instant Coupons offers. – Ability to search instant coupon offers by type. For example: buffet, room, show, etc. Users can also search by casino name, city, state or zip code.

This FREE app also offers the following benefits: * Works without being connected to Internet (In some instances, Internet connection is required) * Find any U.S. casino by name, city, state or zip code * Get detailed information on each casino: name, address, phone numbers, room rates, buffet    prices, games offered, senior discounts and special features. * Find exclusive discount coupon offers for more than 80 casinos, including FREE: rooms, food, drinks, shows, gambling money, matchplay bonuses, plus much more! * Uses GPS to show you which casinos near you have special offers in the American Casino Guide, plus other casinos with money-saving offers. * Uses GPS to show you which casinos are near you within a 50-mile radius * State-by-state directory of all casinos with both map and list views * Turn-by-turn directions to any U.S casino

For more information, go to  the Google Play Store and search “American Casino Guide.”


2. For VP Players – A major upgrade to Dunbar’s Risk Analyzer for Video Poker. 

Here are some of the new features in v2.0:

· You can now do bankroll risk calculations on 46 multi-line video poker games.

· You can now include progressive jackpots.

· You can now include a jackpot bonus.

· You can now see how stopping when you hit a royal flush affects your bankroll.

· You can now see what happens to your overall results if you plan to stop when you reach a specified “Goal”.

As before, DRA-VP 2.0 can answer questions like these:

·How much money do I need to bring with me to have just a 1% chance of going broke in 10 hours of play? What if I want to play 20 hours?

·What is my long term chance of going broke if I start with $2,000?

·What is the chance I will be $3,000 ahead at some point during a 20-hour trip?

·How does cashback affect my bankroll requirements? What about tipping?

·What is the effect of occasional play errors on my risk of ruin?

·How does state tax withholding affect my bankroll requirements?

·What is the chance I will end my trip with at least a 20% gain in bankroll? A 40% gain?

·What is the chance I will have lost more than 60% of my bankroll at the end of a trip?

·What is the chance I will bust out before I’ve played 16 hours of a planned 20 hours?

·How long do I have to play this game to have about a 5/6 chance of being ahead?

DRA-VP 2.0 comes pre-loaded with 54 video poker pay schedules (46 are also 3-, 5-, 10-line) and room for another 50 custom games. It’s easy to use and runs on any PC with Excel 2002 or later. (Sorry, it will not run on a Mac) The price at ShopLVA.com is $19.95. It’s available on CD, or can also be ordered as a download. If you  already own DRA-VP 1.0 or 1.5, you can upgrade for $12.00.

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By now, the casino websites should have all the updates about September promotions, including for Labor Day weekend and kicking off the football season.  Here are some new details I just found out in my wanderings around the city. Continue reading

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First, a technical note: In my last blog entry, I explained that I needed to start a new subscribers list since my last one had so many invalid e-mail addresses. Most people who wanted to re-subscribe or start receiving e-mail notifications when I posted a new entry found it easy to follow the instructions on the right side of the blog homepage. However, some had trouble on their iPads or other mobile devices. We are working on making this easier, but in the meantime you might have success by going to the bottom of the page if you’re on the mobile site & push “original version.”

Below is the promotion information I have found so far. As usual, many casinos don’t put out publicity much in advance, so in a few days I will write a Part 2 to cover what I find out later. Continue reading

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Updating Subscriber List

Due to  issues with so many invalid email addresses, I was finding it impossible to do a proper “housecleaning” of my subscriber list.  Therefore I need to start a brand-new one.

Sorry for this small technical matter, but if you want to be sent an email notification when I post a new blog entry, would you please go to the right side of my blog homepage and “Subscribe.”  Then  you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.  Click within that email and you are all set.  I usually only post about once  a week, so it won’t clutter up your Inbox.

One other note here.  Many of you read my posts frequently but say you don’t make an effort to go back in-between my postings to read the comments. I would encourage you to take the time to do this.  These comments often have additional helpful information, particularly giving more details on valuable promotions.  Perhaps a good habit would be to scan the recent past comments (again on the right side of the homepage) when you read a current post.

Coming up soon will be my blog on September promotions.  As usual, I hope this monthly blog will give you some ways to boost your gambling results!

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Mid-August Promo Reminders

Still time to take advantage of a promo GOLD COAST has been running all month called Throwback Thursdays: Get 40X points on your first 400 base points from 4:00am to 4:00pm every Thursday and this includes all slot and video poker play.

THE ORLEANS has just added a similar promo Continue reading

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While doing the research on my current project to update my book More Frugal Gambling, especially the coupon chapter, I became re-acquainted with a fellow retired English teacher I had met many years ago.  Dewey has tons of frugal ideas … Continue reading

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