Correction to Gold Coast/Orleans Buffet Promo

Early in the month I reported that the eat-all-day buffet pass  you could purchase at the Orleans or the Gold Coast could be used interchangeably at both.  I was given this information by a couple buffet personnel, but evidently this is not correct.

The prices are  also not the same at both casinos.  The all-day pass for the Gold Coast is $27 weekdays and $28 Fri-Sun.  The prices at the Orleans are $3 higher, at $30/$31.



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Skill-based Slot Machines

Lots of talk these days about skill-based slot machines and there were a few introduced at the gaming expo in September.  However, the word seems to be that it will be a year or so before they will appear on casino floors.  But we must remember that there have been some skill-based slots in the past.  Here is a guest article about that, with our thanks to Casino City Times for their permission to share here.  John always has interesting gaming information in his writings.

Slot Machine Love

by John Grochowski

Some of my favorite slot machines in the video era were the tests of knowledge and skill Mikohn Gaming rolled out in the early 2000s. Continue reading

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Buffet Comp Promo at Planet Hollywood and the Rio

This promo I mentioned in yesterday’s blog has generated a lot of interest, but also some questions. Here are some additional details.

It sounds like a gastro nightmare, but you can do this promo at both casinos in one day! However,  you need to follow the rules. Continue reading

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Answers to Your Comment Questions

First a food comp opportunity:  You can earn a free buffet at Planet Hollywood or the Rio by earning 50 points (Reward Credits) in one day. (50 Points is $500 coin-in on most video poker or $250 coin-in for slots.) The promotion runs until December 31, 2015, and you can do it once per day.  (I’m not sure if you can do it at both casinos in one day or must choose just one of the two.)  After you earn your 50 Reward Credits, go to the Total Rewards desk for the voucher you can then take to the buffet cashier.

I like both of these buffets, and to get the most value out of this comp you might choose to use your voucher for the most expensive meal offered.  However, remember what I always say Continue reading

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Slot Club Changes in the Works

  1. M life players club benefit changes coming to MGM December 15, 2015.
  2. Circus Circus is not a part of M life, but has its own club.  However, they say that they will have a new tier structure at the beginning of 2016.


WARNING:  Watch for this promotional hazard when you use a food coupon: Continue reading

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How It All Began

I have recently written an article for a blog on the 888casino online gaming site:  You might want to check out some of the other blog entries on the site, discussing blackjack, craps, and other gambling topics.

Since I do not play online personally and know little about the subject, I don’t endorse any particular online gaming site. But I do know that 888 legally offers real money gaming in the US only for players  physically in the state of New Jersey.

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The Search for Tranquility

Brad and I recently received cards in the mail from a locals casino notifying us that we could pick up our gifts of the week – tranquility fountains.   But they didn’t trick us this time.  I still remember our pursuit of tranquility many years ago!   After a search in the archives of Frugal Fridays, I found this story, written  May 21, 2004:

As locals, we get a lot of postcards from casinos, offering us what we usually refer to as “please-come-back stuff.” Sometimes it’s neat stuff we can use: a handy little tool kit for minor jobs around the house, a nice-looking picture frame/clock combo. However, most of it ends up in the “comp museum” set up in our garage: a suitcase set (so flimsy it wouldn’t survive airline luggage handlers for even one trip), T-shirts (to add to our growing stack that we don’t wear), a gardening set (which is no use to us in condo living), a car-tool set (which looks handy but our idea of car repair is the emergency number of our favorite mechanic). We make everyone who comes to visit us take something home from our garage (whether they want to or not), but the museum is like a bowl of spaghetti—the more you eat, the more it seems you have left. Continue reading

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More October Promotion Notes + Misc. Info

Ellis Island is continuing their Coin Exchange but with a 10% bonus on free play, down from the former 20%. Other details are the same as I reported in previous blogs and have been discussed in the “Comments” the last couple of months.

The food coupons in the Boyd property mailers seem to exclude Subway except for the Suncoast branch, but we have been able to use them at the Subway in the Gold Coast.

The social Facebook game myVEGAS has added Rewards Continue reading

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Local casinos have really geared up promotions for October.  Check those casino Website links I have given you in the past months to get all the details.  And also check Scot’s list for all the multiplier days.


Here is a bit of players club information you might not have known – or, like me, had forgotten. Continue reading

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Some days just aren’t ordinary or routine – and on those days it is sometimes hard to be “perfect.” I had one of those days recently.

First, Brad’s and my schedule included going to five casinos, doing some major play at 3 of them and minor play and/or pickups at the other two. At ages 76 (me) and 83 (Brad) and a decrease in our energy level (both) I am trying to organize a more relaxed calendar of activities, especially for playing video poker. Usually this is working pretty well these days because there aren’t as many good plays as in the “good old days.” We do major plays together 2 or 3 times a week; Brad does free play pickup and minor plays several days while I am ensconced in my office working on updated versions of Frugal 1 and Frugal 2. But my main goal is not to schedule too much for one day.

However, that day casinos outdid themselves with good promotions and we found ourselves wanting to take advantage of 3 of the best. So we did although, as a rule, we don’t usually play that much in one day. Fortunately, there were no promotions the next 3 days – so we are able to rest up now. Continue reading

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